Vinícius Gabriel Linden

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I use C (my favorite), C++, Bash and Python for programming and have some Javascript, HTML, CSS, CMake, etc knowledge. I enjoy trying out new tools, specially if these are FOSS, so to increase my performance and learn a bit.

In my personal wiki I keep notes for my own understanding and to remember it in the future.
Whenever I do something worth writing down, I write the steps on my "note taking" diary, currently private. Artix Linux is my choice for OS, using a custom bootstrapping script for quick deployment.


My master work had to do with FPGAs, flash memory devices and the NVMe protocol. All of the costs were sponsored by the Unisinos University.


My graduation was hands-on, having to build a lot of proof-of-concepts on the breadboard. I've had classes on PCB design, SMT, semiconductors, complementing these at Université Joseph Fourier, France (now Université de Grenoble Alpes I) - there I had the opportunity to do measure diodes and transistors on the wafer as well as learning about Electromagnetic Compatibility. I'm also experienced in system testing (the topic of my graduation work).